The 401(k) is one of the only products that Americans buy that they don’t know the price…
they don’t even know its quality.
— Teresa Ghilarducci, Director of the Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis

Marcado's goal is simple: to do our part in helping fix the retirement savings industry, so that sponsors and participants know how much they're paying and what they're getting. In order to do this, we manage the entire retirement plan for our clients, helping business owners and executives ask the right questions and find solutions:

  • Does the retirement plan lack the appropriate level of attention and care?

  • Alternatively, has navigating investment complexity and fiduciary responsibilities become too much of a headache?

  • Are proper risk management procedures in place given the evolving regulatory environment?

  • Have employer funds been allocated and invested in the most responsible and efficient manner?

  • Have tax liability deferrals and other strategies been exhausted?

Our SErvices

We simplify our clients' lives by worrying about the details for you. 

By avoiding distractions and filtering through the noise, Marcado is able to focus on our clients in order to deliver the information and results that actually matter.

  • Investment Management

    • Investment policy statement development and monitoring

    • Investment menu design, selection, and monitoring

    • Default investment selection and monitoring

  • Plan Administration and Governance

    • Documentation and fiduciary file support

    • Best practices implementation, including fiduciary training

    • Participant notice and responding to participant request procedures

  • Vendor Relationships

    • Selection and monitoring of service providers

    • Fee and service benchmarking

    • Advocating on behalf of plan sponsors

  • Financial Wellness

    • Targeted initiatives through plan design

    • Employee group education

    • Individual meetings, on request

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